Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program was created to attract and retain world-class doctoral students and to establish Canada as a global centre of excellence in research and higher learning. It is worth $50,000 per year for three years and is available to both Canadian and international PhD students studying at Canadian universities.


The deadline date is November 6, 2013 (8:00 p.m. Eastern Time).

Canadian universities must submit all nominations to the Vanier-Banting Secretariat via ResearchNet by the deadline date.

Note: Each Canadian university has an internal deadline date for students to submit their applications. The Canadian university should be contacted for this information.

Review Process

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships are awarded after a competitive review process.

University review

Students must be nominated by an eligible Canadian university. The scholarship liaison officer at each eligible Canadian university is responsible for coordinating the university review to determine the selected candidates and forwarding those nominations to the Vanier-Banting Secretariat —the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) or the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)—in accordance with their university’s allocation.

Selection committees

Once submitted to the Vanier-Banting Secretariat, each nomination is evaluated by an agency-specific selection committee. Each selection committee recommends the top 55 or 56 candidates (for a combined total among the three federal granting agencies of up to 167 candidates) to the Vanier-Banting steering committee based on the candidate’s academic excellence, research potential and leadership (potential and demonstrated ability).


Vanier-Banting steering committee


The Vanier-Banting steering committee, which is comprised of the presidents of the three federal granting agencies and the deputy ministers of Industry Canada and Health Canada make the final decisions on funding. Each year, the Vanier-Banting steering committee approves up to 167 Vanier Scholars for funding based on the recommendations of the agency-specific selection committees. The Vanier-Banting steering committee also oversees the program’s process, policies and results to ensure that the program achieves its objectives.


When can the Vanier CGS be taken up?


Once notified of the results, Vanier Scholars may take up their Vanier CGS on May 1, 2014, September 1, 2014 or January 1, 2015. The start date chosen must not overlap with any prior federal granting agency funding received and the Vanier Scholar must be registered for full-time studies at the Canadian university as of the Vanier CGS start date.


Supplementary Funding


Vanier Scholars who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada may also be eligible for supplementary funding. Please visit the following websites to view available opportunities:





For more information regarding the Vanier CGS program, please contact:

Further Information

Application Deadline : 6 November 2013

Universal Education Consultant


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