Five Ph.D. scholarships in Physics, Denmak

Ph.D. scholarships in Physics Glass and Time group at Roskilde University invites applications for up to five Ph.D. scholarships in the following three areas:
1) In- and quasi-elastic neutron scattering on glass-forming liquids. This project relates to a range of experiments in which fast and slow dynamics are studied as function of both pressure and temperature in glass-forming liquids. More details can be found at or by contacting associate professor Kristine Niss ( A postdoc position is also available for this project, see the above link.)
2) Measuring thermoviscoelastic response functions of glass-forming liquids. This project focuses on using and further developing our unique methods for measuring frequency-dependent response functions. More details can be found at or by contacting professor Jeppe Dyre (
3) Computer simulations. This project continues ongoing work relating to understanding the properties of liquids and solids with isomorphs in their thermodynamic phase diagram. More details can be found at or by contacting professor Jeppe Dyre (
Candidates must have a Master’s degree in Physics or a related subject. Previous experience with liquids or amorphous condensed matter, scattering techniques, linear-response functions, or computer simulations, is considered a merit.
Glass and Time
You will be part of the Danish National Research Foundation centre-of-excellence Glass and Time that focuses on understanding the universal physical properties of highly viscous liquids approaching the glass transition. This problem is attacked experimentally as well as by extensive computer simulations in combination with theory. Close collaboration and daily interactions between theorists and experimentalists is a characteristic feature of the group, and for this reason we encourage applications from experimentalists with a strong interest in theory, as well as vice versa.
Roskilde University
The most important task of Roskilde University is to contribute to experimental, innovative forms of learning and knowledge creation. The University is situated approximately 30 km from Copenhagen and is well connected with Copenhagen by trains that run four times an hour.
You will be employed for a period of three years starting from September 1st 2013 or as soon as possible hereafter. Employment is regulated by an agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Central Organization of the Academics which imposes a basic salary for PhD students (typically approx 25.000 kr. pr. month before taxes). Employment requires enrollment as a Ph.D. student at Roskilde University. This takes a Master’s degree or equivalent qualifications.
You will be associated to the Glass and Time research group at the Department and will have the opportunity to build networks with colleagues and collaborators in the field.
For further information regarding the position
You can read more about the Department at about Glass and Time at
We only accept applications through our electronic recruitment system. To apply for the position you must go to the job advertisement on our homepage: Click on the button “Apply for vacancy here” which appears immediately below the job advertisement, fill in the application form and attach the documents listed below. Finish by clicking “Submit”.

The application must encompass:

1. Your motivation for applying for this particular scholarship (attach this text as the “Project description”). You may include a project description in your motivation, but this is not required.
2. Schedule – time-frame of the Ph.D.: When would you prefer to start?
3. Budget (only required if special costs are incurred due to particular empirical studies – or longer stays overseas).
4. CV
5. Copies of relevant diplomas and exam-papers.
6. Copies of relevant recommendations, dissertation statement/statements, etc.
Please indicate the preferred scholarship in your motivation.
We must receive your application no later than April 20, 2013.
Application-related material received after the deadline has expired will not be taken into consideration.
Roskilde University welcomes applications from candidates of any social and ethnic backgrounds irrespective of gender, age, religion or any other irrelevant criteria.
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